5000 Years Old – And Still As Versatile As Ever!

Over recent years day beds have begun to rise in popularity almost as if it is a new piece of cutting edge furniture. Interestingly the day bed dates back as far as the ancient Egyptian times were they were initially made from palm sticks - they made a good alternative for chairs and ottomans. As trade blossomed across the globe the day bed became extremely popular with the Ancient Romans.

The obvious attraction for most modern day homes is the obvious versatility – beneficial for sleeping and sitting during both the day and night. This time of year is where most families see the true benefit of a day bed. Friends and relatives are all planning their trips to stay and a balance of comfort and practicality are the obvious considerations. With this is in mind the daybed can provide a suitable option – that doesn’t need hiding away for the remaining fifty weeks per year.

As the popularity has grown, the styling advancements have been quite staggering. From wooden through to metal and even brass - there are certainly no shortage of options available in today’s market. Trundles come hand in hand and may be a handy option if multiple guests are due, they are much more convenient tucked under the daybed rather than the traditional folding bed. Mattress choice for both can be very important – the majority of trundle beds requiring a slim line mattress, 16cm or less.

Storage space can be really handy with the under area and especially useful in a spare bedroom or home office. There is a great choice of elegant day beds available with both elegance and practicality available. My advice would be to scour the web looking at design ideas and to pick out the type of required daybed but then importantly spend time looking at possible styling additions - which could complement your choice. There is so much to choose from and so much fun to be had designing – be inspired!