Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

Buying a frame for an electric adjustable bed is not like buying a regular bed frame where you can just simply throw in any mattress, lie down and sleep. For an electric adjustable bed, what you are looking for is a metal frame or base that is electrically operated. Most of these beds come with a remote control, either wired or wireless, that can be used to program various options and adjustments to the bed. Some also have built in massage capabilities.

There is also one very special feature that is available in an electric adjustable bed frame, which is the option of choosing a split king or queen frame when you buy the mattress in either of these sizes. A split adjustable bed allows each half side of the bed to be controlled independently which can be great for couples, however this feature may carry a much higher price tag.

Consider which features are most necessary before making a decision so you can get the most out of what you spend. Good electric adjustable beds must include quiet operation or what better known as “whisper quiet” so the bed doesn't produce any loud noises when it is operating. Another great feature to look for is called the “wall hugger” which basically means the entire bed will move along with any kind of adjustments you make so that the nightstand or table beside your bed is always remained in the same position to you, the sleeper.

Additional options like massage capabilities may often be included in the price of the frame, but make sure to always ask what specific features are included in it and what else are available before you make a purchase.

Most people will choose to buy both the mattress and frame together at once, and mattresses that are suitable for an electrical adjustable bed are usually memory foam and latex.