Planning A Bathroom Installation

If you're not keen on a DIY bathroom installation, you can always get a quote from an approved bathroom fitting company to get the job done for you.

Refurbishing a bathroom is perhaps one of the most challenging DIY projects you can undertake especially if you have little to no knowledge about plumbing. But, with a careful and thorough planning, you should have no problem at all renovating and upgrading your bathroom suite, and it won't really cost you a fortune when you have everything planned within your set budget.

First, list down a number of items that you will need to purchase such as new bathroom fittings and replacements, and perhaps some plumbing tools. Lay out a floor plan to make sure you know where to place the furniture and what sizes of furniture are suitable for the bathroom. Do your own research on the available products that you can find in the market and places where you can get the best possible prices.

Use the internet to search for your nearest bathroom furniture stores, depots or DIY suppliers such as Roca UK Bathrooms and you can pay a visit to their showrooms to look at the various products and bathroom designs for your inspiration. Again note down every possible single piece of furniture that you will like to buy and their prices to make sure everything is within your plan and budget. A really important advice that you should keep in mind is not to be tempted or get carried away with things that are 'cool' and expensive or you will find yourself spending out of budget. Also, always double check the product specifications and delivery costs especially if you are ordering online.

Although it is important to have an appealing bathroom, it is also crucial that everything is functional. You should consider where the water and wastes will be flowing through, the piping route and where it will all settle, the exit point. As for the room lightings and wirings, you should really consult a professional because it is strictly not advisable for you to handle them yourself, it is potentially dangerous and the electric fittings must conform with the legal regulations.

Sometimes you may find it difficult to dispose waste out of the toilet to the soil stack due to the piping system. In that case, you should consider installing one of the Saniflo macerators. Basically a macerator is a device consists of blades that are used to break down wastes that go through it into smaller pieces to allow easy flow. The macerator then pumps the excrement from the toilet to the soil pipe, preventing your toilets from getting clogged.