Tips for Choosing the Right Handcrafted Furniture for your Home

Are you considering to revamp the interior decor in your home? Have you moved into a new house? You can make your living space look more unique and elegant by adding handcrafted furniture. Premium quality furniture, decorative accessories, art works and high quality fabrics can play the magic for making a “house” feel more like a home.

The regular flat pack furniture cannot deliver the looks and feel offered by quality handcrafted wood furniture. A hand made bookcase made of fine wood will always look more charming and elegant compared to a blank wood bookcase fixed with screws and bolts.

Types of Handcrafted Furniture

Handcrafted furniture is highly versatile and can be placed in any room. The commonly available pieces include dining tables, sofas, sideboards, cabinets, wall units and even customized furniture. Home office furniture like bookcases, desks, visitor chairs and filing cabinets can also be handcrafted.

Types of Woods

A unique thing about handcrafted furniture is that they are made only with the highest quality woods. This includes Rosewood, American Mahogany, Walnut and American Oak to name a few. Whichever type of wood you choose, place one or more matching scented candles on the furniture to complement the rustic appeal of this type of furniture.

Handmade furniture can be made in both hard and soft wood, and the most commonly used hard woods include maple, mahogany and oak. If you want to add durable handcrafted furniture that can withstand abrasion and scratches, hard wood is the better option. Hard oak is extremely durable and highly resistant to moisture.

Spruce, pine and cedar are the commonly used soft woods, and they are best suited for decorative pieces. For example, soft pine furniture has a more rustic look and its natural knots add elegance and character to your furniture.

Color of Wood

The choice of wood will also affect the color and grain of the handcrafted furniture. While mahogany and cherry feature a dark red tint, maple and birch are lighter with minor yellow shade. For a more stunning effect, choose woods that have grain patterns because they can give a more sophisticated look to your furniture. The best examples include ribbon mahogany and curly cherry, with their striking natural patterns.

If you want to have a more silent piece, oak and maple with straight grains and even finish will be the ideal choices. Without concern for which wood type you choose for your handcrafted furniture, you will always achieve a unique and premium quality piece that adds natural elegance to your space. Similar to matching with the wood type, you can also match the color and pattern of the handcrafted furniture with complementing scented candles. The choice of the right candles can add a dramatic effect to this type of furniture.