Fond Childhood Memories Of The Dinner Table

The evenings in our household were always spent around the dinner table together. Dinner would not be served up until we were all there. Our family's dinner table was round with ample room for the five members of our immediate family. Of course, celebratory meals when we were joined by other family members often became extremely cosy. The room in which our dinner table was situated was central to the house and even though it had a window facing the front of the property, it was in a shaded and enclosed area. This meant the room was dark, and without any radiators in the room, it was also cold. Perhaps the strangest phenomena of that room came at dinner time when the coldness left the room. It may have been helped by the heat coming in from the kitchen, by I enjoy the thought that having us all sitting around the table warmed the room.

During the Christmas period, the table would have a centrepiece that remained untouched during the month of December. It was a small holly wreath, with pine cones and two candle holders. The candles were always red. Christmas day would see the candles on the centrepiece lit just before dinner was served up. The table would be filled with small bowls and plates containing the side dishes to accompany the main meal. Those candles would continue burning throughout our extended meal and desert. Finally being extinguished, after all the plates had been cleared from the room. Boxing day would see a buffet spread on the table midway through the afternoon. We would eat in the living room on that day. However, the buffet would remain on the table for the whole afternoon and evening, serving as both lunch and dinner. We would return throughout the day as and when we felt hungry. The candles on the centrepiece would be lit in the early evening and remain alight until they had burnt out. Usually after we had finished eating from the buffet.

The room in which our family dinner table was located may have felt barren and uninviting during the day. However, in the evenings it took on a life and warmth of its own, and there was no nicer room in the house. Such are my fortunate and fond childhood memories of the many family dinners in our household.

Tim Aldiss writes for Scarlett Willow where you’ll find gorgeous personalised placemats for kids to help build new family memories.