The Good Wood Guide: Incorporating Wood Into The Home

The twenty-first century is one that wants to embrace the natural world as much as possible, through promoting a concern for our environments and by looking for ways to conserve and make the most of the natural materials available to us.


Wood is one natural material that the human race has made use of for thousands, if not millions, of years. Its use as a construction material for the home suffered a decline during the twentieth century, when manufacturing became excited by the potential of plastics and metals as design materials, but wood is enjoying a comeback as a material for use in the home.

A natural resource

Of course, wood is a natural resource, and we all know that these need to be conserved. However, unlike oil and water, wood is a material that can be sustainably sourced. Those particularly concerned about where the wood in their homes comes from should only buy items that bear the stamps of the FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council, so that they know the wood used will have been replaced.

You can also use reclaimed wood in your interior design scheme. This can be wood that has already been made into furniture and can be repurposed or broken down to create another unit, or it can be wood that has been thrown up by the sea, such as driftwood, and can be used for ornamentation.

Wood for furniture

Wooden furniture is a great way of bringing a little bit of nature into the home, and the beauty of its natural grain immediately lends warmth to a room. Wood, left natural or stained otherwise, also has the advantage of complementing practically any design scheme. This makes a solid wood dining table and chairs, for example, a good long-term investment. Wood can also be used in conjunction with other materials to great effect. For example, a coffee table can be constructed out of wood for the legs and perhaps the top, but can have a sheet of glass laid upon it to provide a smoother surface.

Wood for windows and floors

Colored wooden shutters are the latest, on-trend way to dress your windows, as they can create a cleaner, more streamlined look than curtains or blinds, and they also offer more options on the way you regulate air and light in the room. Wood can also be used as flooring, whether as hardwood floorboards or a lower cost laminate flooring. Wood flooring is a great choice for those who suffer from asthma, as they are easy to keep clean.

Wood for walls

Interior designers are coming up with innovative ways of using wood in the home. Wood panels, for example, are being used in place of paint and wallpaper upon a building’s walls. Wood used in this way works best if it has a highly visible grain pattern, as it helps to lend texture and visual appeal to a room. Any type of room style, whether vintage or modern, works with wood.

Wood is a fantastic material to use in the home, as it introduces a touch of the natural world and helps to create a highly individualistic and attractive interior.