Handleless kitchens are the latest kitchen design trend

Before you invest in a new kitchen you need to consider the latest ideas and trends to ensure that you choice will be timeless.

Handleless Kitchens Design

If you are in the market for a modern kitchen then the latest trend is for handleless kitchens. These are modern design classics which provide kitchen designers with exciting new avenues to give you a unique design for your home. If you want to be sure that your new kitchen is timeless then you should consider this style carefully.

Loose the handles and it takes away the distraction of often oddly placed rows of handles in different sizes and locations. If you want to introduce very useful large drawers to your kitchen design they will look less cluttered and more uniform in a handleless kitchen design that gains its strength from understatement.

Curved Kitchen Design

More recently curves have been added to handleless kitchen ranges which can give a sleek and flowing look to modern kitchens that cannot be achieved with any other style. The addition of curves gives a much softer feel and often a more practical solution where space allows for large curved areas. Modern living spaces can also take advantage of this and several kitchen brands now include living space solutions.

If the image you have of your new kitchen units is of a linear design with few embellishments you can make a design statement in your home. Handleless kitchens will give you a fluidity of design in open plan arrangements where the kitchen is part of the living space. The minimal design will allow you to showcase key features in your room like splashes of accent colour, centrepiece lighting or even a designer cooker hood.

Latest Colours for Kitchens

It used to be the case that white gloss was the colour of choice and it does look stunning when combined with feature lighting, coloured glass, and quartz. This domination is being challenged by warmer neutrals such as creams, olive and grey. There is an option to include wood finishes to give a natural contrast to these neutral colours and to create highlights.

The linear kitchen design feature of handleless kitchens has become possible due to advances in manufacturing techniques and it is now possible to cater for every budget from entry level to high specification kitchen designs.

The concept of handleless kitchens was introduced in the 1960’s but it really never caught on until more recently and is now a top selling design concept. Total sales in handleless kitchens are now at about 14% of all kitchen sales however as a percentage of modern kitchen sales the figure is much higher and for some brands, such as Pronorm German Kitchens the figure is closer to 50%.