Bring Your Windows to Life with Integrated Blinds


When it comes to double glazed windows and doors, the benefits are various and are generally quite well known:

  • Security
    Single pane windows can be quite flimsy and provide little in the way of security, while double glazed windows are typically a lot hardier and usually feature integrated locking mechanisms to provide you and your family with greater peace of mind.
  • Peace and Quiet
    Living in a busy city or on a main road can make early mornings and evenings unpleasant as rush hour traffic grinds by, but double glazing significantly reduces noise pollution, creating a far quieter and calmer environment in your home.
  • Reduced Heating Costs
    Possibly the most popular benefit of double glazed windows and doors is their ability to retain heat; the cushion of gas or air which sits between the two panes of glass helps to prevent the loss of heat to the outside world and will also help to keep your home cooler during the summer months due to the way heat is transferred back and forth.
  • Increase Resale Value
    Although not an immediate benefit for most, installing double glazing into your home is a sure fire way of boosting its value when you inevitably decide to sell it.

So we know that double glazing is a great idea for many people who are looking to save money on their heating bills and tighten up their home security, but where do integrated blinds enter the equation?

Integrated blinds are very similar to standard venetian blinds commonly featured in homes, except they sit in the cavity between the two glass windowpanes and are often controlled remotely by an electronic mechanism.

In addition to the benefits offered by double glazing, integrated blinds can provide even great bang for your buck with the following perks:

  • Privacy
    The slats of integrated blinds usually run edge-to-edge, offering a great deal of privacy and helping to enhance your home security even further by preventing prying eyes from taking a sneaky peek inside your house.
  • Aesthetics
    Simply put, integrated blinds look great – they are available in a huge variety of styles and every color imaginable so they can be the perfect way to breathe new life into a tired old living room or conservatory, as well as giving another little boost to the resale value of your home thanks to its stylish new look
  • Hygiene
    Last but not least, have you ever taken a look at blinds in a person’s home? They’re almost always caked with dust, and all it usually takes is a few hours post-dusting before they revert back to the same level of grime. Because integrated blinds are sealed within the double glazing unit, they are protected from the outside environment so they will remain clean and free of dust so you don’t have to waste your time wiping them down all the time.

As we can see, integrated blinds are the perfect way to bring your windows to life in a stylish, secure, and practical way.

Author Bio
This article was provided by Ian Shaw from Ian provides home improvement tips for domestic and commercial premises.