Roman Blinds – One of the Most Popular Blinds

Roman blinds are made of fabric and this means they can come in all sorts of textures and patterns. Stiff rods or another type of metal support holds the material down. The material is folded, which creates a teardrop or hobbled style. The fabric used is generally light to medium weight and the head rails are aluminum. A lot of people choose translucent Roman blinds, because they create a really stylish look. It can be recommended to add a white material to the back of the blind, so that the rays of the sun don’t discolor the fabric.

roman blinds

Some roman blinds now use reed or bamboo rather than fabric. This is because these materials are naturally cooling, meaning the rooms in which they are used don’t heat up too much. Furthermore, they make a room look more oriental, which is a popular look nowadays. This is why, when you purchase reed or bamboo Romans, they are usually patterned in a Chinese, Japanese or Sumatran style. However, you will always be able to see the natural colors of the wood through it, and they will continue to feel like real wood as well. It is also possible to create a tortoise shell pattern by drying the bamboo for at least six months. These tend to be slightly more expensive because it is so labor-intensive to make them. Reed and bamboo Roman blinds are often decorated with wooden tassels in colors that match either the blinds or the rest of your room. Not to mention, they also fold up very easily.

In most cases, Roman blinds are made to measure. They can be stitched either by machine or by hand. When you buy them, all the necessary accessories should come with them.