Tesco Kitchen Design

The kitchen is an inevitable part of the house, a sanctuary for those who love to cook and a place that exudes warmth and coziness to the entire home. In this article I will like to share a few kitchen design ideas that incorporate the use of crafted, cozy wooden materials to help you build a kitchen that is right for you.

Aside from being warm and comfy, the reason I like to use wooden kitchen furniture, especially for the cabinets, is simply because they are classy, durable and functional, also not to mention, wooden furniture are suitable for all kinds of homes, be it modern or traditional.

Prague Kitchen

The design that we are looking at now is a country style kitchen. The cabinet doors of this classic Prague kitchen by Tesco are elegantly crafted from European oak and its solid oak door frames designed in a wide and thick style, paired with its veneered centre panel of matching natural oak color.

Country Kitchens focus heavily on the details and the key features of a kitchen such as the cabinet door design, the door handles, the farmhouse sink, the kitchen table, chairs and the kitchen island. Country style kitchens are ideal for creating a welcoming and homey feel.

In order to create a country kitchen look, make use of natural materials such as wood and stone. For an authentic country feel, combine wooden doors and drawers with terracotta or stone kitchen floor tiles. The kitchen interior and kitchen set should be of natural or earthy colors such as white, cream, beige, wood, brown or green.

Pine, oak, white and cream styles are among the most popular finishes for wooden kitchen furniture.

Palermo Kitchen

Shown above is Tesco's Palermo kitchen design, a Shaker style kitchen which mainly focuses on two crucial factors, simplicity and utility. The design of Shaker kitchens is based on the influence and inspiration from a religious group that existed in the 1700s known as the Shakers.

The Shakers are well known for their high quality craftsmanship and unique style of carpentry, which is both simple and practical. A Shaker design uses pure clean lines and often does not contain any extra decorative elements. Plain, simple, elegant, sophisticated, clean and durable are some of the words I can think of to describe a Shaker kitchen. Its style is suitable for just about any type of homes.

If you're still on the fence about getting a new kitchen, perhaps because you're not confident you can fit a kitchen yourself, or if you think that paying someone to fit the kitchen for you is too expensive, get a free kitchen fitting quote. You might be surprised how affordable it could actually turn out to be.