Using Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are primarily employed to help define a living area, to make room for more seating, establish conversation space or provide a private reading corner. They can also distinguish space in a way that allows personal style preference to be expressed.

Using accent chairs can add interest to any room, they offer the opportunity of adding new textures, colour or shape that are all tricks that help draw the eye to a space and make it intriguing.

Accent chairs can add flexibility to a room. For example by using a vintage chaise longue that is usually based in a bedroom, putting it into a dining area when guests are around not only creates a talking point but also serves a purpose.

Using a pair of chairs can replace a 2 seater sofa creating an area that is not only visually pleasing but also functional when socialising. The benefit of using two chairs rather than a settee means that they can be placed creatively around a room (such as on either side of a fireplace), freeing up space and making the area much more functional.

Using an accent chair by itself can create a strong and stylish focal point, an elegant chaise longue or comfy armchair in a unique shape, fabric or colour will add chic style to any room. A room that is already bright and bold can be toned down with a pale or neutral coloured chair and for rooms that hold oversized furniture; a small-scale chair can be used to compliment the room and create an illusion of more space.

When it comes to adding a little something extra to a room, accent chairs are perfect. Fashion for Home, a retailer of designer furniture, has an array of armchairs and chaise longues, which can help transform a room from plain and functional to stylish and charming with little effort required.