Waterbed and Frame

Both softside and hardside waterbeds are well known for their health benefits and the good spinal support they provide for those who enjoy sleeping on them. If you are interested in getting a waterbed soon, you have to consider looking for a suitable bed frame as well.

That is because some hardside waterbeds are not able to fit into standard bed frames, hence a customized bed has to be made or you may buy the frame if the seller supplies it. Trying to hunt for a water mattress and frame that matches each other in the exact measurement is only going to be a time consuming work.

Custom frames are specially crafted to encase the entire waterbed. Since a hardside waterbed mattress is not firm, the construction of this furniture has to be strong and sturdy enough to hold the mattress and its shape even when pressure is applied. An alternative option to crafted furniture is to put grills on a ready made wooden frame. This can be done by a carpenter but the frame has to suit the mattress perfectly after the makeover.

For soft side water mattresses, you will not find the same trouble as in the hard side counterpart because they are much more convenient. Practically, these waterbeds are able to stand alone without the need of a grill or case. And indeed, their sizes were designed like a conventional mattress. Therefore buyers can place it on top of a regular bed frame right away.

However, there are some drawbacks to waterbed mattresses too. They are generally more expensive and require a lot of upkeep otherwise they might not last long. Though waterbeds are usually not the main choice when people are purchasing new mattresses, their superior body support are undeniable even when compared to memory foam mattresses. So if you are somewhat interested in such mattresses, head on to a waterbed store to try it out for yourself and buy only when you feel having the best experience.