Wood vs. Metal Crafts Furniture

We can often see many different types of materials incorporated into a single room in order to bring out a wonderful outcome. Aside from wood and metal furniture, accessories, wall paintings and decorative items are also used to accomplish the look. We are all searching for the right feel or atmosphere, and building a personality for the room by using certain combinations.

Adding wooden furniture, tables, shelves, frameworks for the ceiling and pelmets for window curtains can create a distinctive appearance. The impression of woodcrafts conveys durability to the room and may provide an antique, old English or country look.

Woods that are sturdy and easier to carve such as oak, elm, cherry, birch, rosewood, fir and teak are the most used in making crafted furniture. Though these custom made furniture may cost a lot more, they are still worth the pay due to the craftsmanship, time and effort the makers have contributed.

Bamboo and rattan furniture are some of the other crafted pieces that serve the purpose of lighten up the look of all the heavy wood items that have been put together. These sort of furniture can easily be found in garden style designs or in Zen or Japanese home decors.

Metal on the other hand, gives a direct opposite impression of wooded furniture. Metals are mostly used in modern furniture and can be mixed well with pale colors like white and grey. This material is also easier to shape and work with, therefore nooks, crannies, swirls and curves are often seen in metal products.

A true modern living room will usually go with the neomodern style because it uses sleek and solid structures in its designs. Contemporary furniture made of steel can be accentuated by wood decors. However too much wood will break the balance and can create a terrible result. Whether it is a modern sofa or an old English cabinet that you pick, the end result that you prefer is all that matters.